IURIS has extended its portfolio of professional services to provide tailored business solutions that address the intricate challenges any organisation may face. Our services are carried out through proficient advisory, support and training, thus providing a tailored approach to assist, sustain and simplify any business operation.

We base our approach on proven theories, existing best practices and tangible experience within organisational management, and has been further refined through the service design concept we adopted following our participation in the Design for Europe project activities held by the Malta Business Bureau. This holistic method plans and organises people, infrastructure, processes, communication and material components of a service, in order to improve its quality, effectiveness and customer experience. 

One of our clients recently required a thorough analysis of its current service to customer base to optimise operations from start to finish. In this context, IURIS Business Solutions was engaged to carry out a Mystery Shopping exercise to analyse the whole process, from the booking of appointments, reminders, the actual service carried out as well as payment. The analysis identified strengths with competitors in terms of technical expertise, however, it also identified gaps in: customer care standards, organisational planning for a seamless service and a lack of professional communication with clients, that in turn made the customer experience unsatisfactory and difficult for client retention and repeat business.

Following the analysis, the plan devised for the client centred around:

  1. The right skill-set for training of each unit;
  2. A long-term strategy that included recommendations for the optimisation of service operations; and
  3. Change management strategies that were employed for the improvement of operational processes.

The plan was implemented by IURIS Business Solutions which brought about a pleasant and seamless customer experience, a boost in turnover, and is seen today as a best practice for other companies alike.

Further to the above, IURIS Business Solutions also provides an array of services that aim to boost sales, competitiveness and profitability while retaining and nurturing talent. This includes: training, teambuilding, organisational management and set up, back office support, bespoke services for education service providers such as the drafting of license applications and programme accreditation, the drafting of organisational policies and procedures, support with public procurement, EU tenders and contracts, funding applications, project management and internationalisation services through networks such as Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

For more information about our services you may wish to visit Business Solutions. 

Should you wish to understand how we can Give Value to Your Business by enabling you to address your challenges while exploiting opportunities, please contact Ms. Diana Spiteri or any other member of the IURIS team for an appointment.