Malta Intellectual Property lawyers



The registration, exploitation and enforcement of IPR including copyright, trademarks and patents, are all areas in which IURIS is actively involved.

IURIS offers a wide range of services to help protect our clients’ most valuable assets. Our team has vast experience in all areas of intellectual property law ranging from registration, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights. The firm forms part of a close network of European and international intellectual property practitioners which can be utilised to help our clients in all foreign aspects of intellectual property.

The firm is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) and since 2004, has been the local partner of REACT, a not-for-profit organisation fighting counterfeit trade.

Copyright protection

At IURIS, we can help you protect and enforce your copyrighted material. We ensure protection against unauthorised use by prosecuting and defending infringement actions before our courts. Where possible and appropriate, we strive to achieve such protection through expedited and less costly proceedings. The firm has brought to a successful conclusion a number of copyright infringement proceedings on behalf of authors and copyright owners. Our team can also advise and draft agreements for licensing, distribution, assignment and copyright management.

Design rights

To further protect the creativity of businesses, IURIS helps clients obtain design rights through registration in Malta as well as at Community level. A registered design offers exclusivity over use and enables enforcement against any third party infringement. Apart from registration, our team can also assist with any licences and assignments of the rights thereof.


The brand of a company is its identity and reputation. Its protection is key to the profitability of the company. Intellectual property infringements can have grave repercussions on the business of any company. Our team can help your business in developing, identifying, evaluating and obtaining a sound trademark, service mark or trade name, the licensing thereof and advise on enforcement programs and infringement proceedings as the need arises.

Our services include:

• Trademark registrations at local and community level
• Drafting of assignment, licensing and franchising agreements
• Recording of trademarks with local customs authorities as well as through the EU Customs Application for Action
• Trademark portfolio management


The successful protection of new technologies requires a comprehensive and optimal strategy for procuring patents and managing portfolios. IURIS advises on regulatory exclusivity and provides opinions with regard to patentability, freedom to operate, validity and potential infringement. Our attorneys can help in preparing and filing patent applications, drafting agreements ensuring non-disclosure and confidentiality at the developmental stage of your invention and providing specialised assistance in the commercialisation of your invention.


The firm initiates and follows up on IPR enforcement procedures at all levels, be it at an administrative level or at a judicial level, whether civil or criminal. The firm is one of the leading legal firms in Malta on enforcement and is engaged by international high-profile companies in areas ranging from telecommunication, printer-ink manufacturing, pharmaceutical, fashion wear, motor vehicle manufacturers and international and European football clubs and associations.

Malta Intellectual Property Law Firm

Our Valletta, Malta Intellectual Property Lawyers at IURIS have distinguished themselves in bringing to successful conclusions major seizures and destruction of counterfeit goods under local and EU legislation.

The firm is involved in the organization of training sessions for customs and police officers in order to enable them to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the recognition and detention of counterfeit goods.