We are a multi-purpose law firm

based in Malta offering a wide range of

legal services that are cost-effective,

practical and comprehensive.


The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus
has caused disruption across the world. Employment
issues, property and rent, business continuity,
are among many other issues we can help you with.


IURIS assists clients in separations before the courts,
the enforcement of foreign judgments, care & custody
disputes, abduction cases, divorce & annulment
proceedings and domestic violence proceedings.


IURIS is a trusted leader in providing personalised
and innovative legal services that meet the complex
demands of its corporate clients by utilising an array
of corporate structures under which to operate.


The registration, exploitation and
enforcement of IPR including copyright,
trademarks and patents, are all areas
in which IURIS is actively involved.


Trusts & foundations are vehicles typically used for the
preservation & management of assets which IURIS can assist in
setting up & administering. IURIS also assists clients in the
establishment & registration of voluntary organisations.


The firm offers advice on a range of
citizenship law issues, including
the Individual Investor Programme,
Residence and single-work permits.


Accidents at the workplace, motor vehicle
accidents or even accidents while on holiday
are only a few of those instances which may
give rise to claims for damages.


We assist clients in drafting their project application for funding by
helping them expand their project ideas and build up the
necessary information and data in order to optimise their
chances of obtaining funding in a hugely competitive set-up.


Malta’s position at the centre of the Mediterranean
has made it the important maritime hub
it is today. IURIS’ maritime law department
caters for all of the industry’s requirements.

Iuris Malta Law Firm

Driven by a genuine interest in the law, our dedicated team of lawyers aims to put all of its resources and knowledge at our clients’ disposal in a skilled and professional manner to help them obtain the best possible results.


IURIS, a Valletta, Malta law firm also serving the island of Gozo, was set up in 2011 as a small, well-knit team of lawyers driven by a genuine interest in the law and dedicated towards utilising all of our resources and knowledge to help you obtain the best possible results.

The firm comprises IURIS Consult Limited, through which it provides corporate and financial services, IURIS Trustees Limited, through which it provides fiduciary services, and IURIS Advocates, which serves the more traditional civil and commercial law areas of practice.


IURIS has a wealth of experience representing clients in a broad spectrum of legal practice areas, ranging from traditional civil and commercial law to corporate law and services, maritime law to personal injury claims, equality legislation to succession claims, intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting, property and development law, human rights claims, banking and finance, citizenship, and many others.

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The SME Fund: Protect your Intellectual Property Rights and get Reimbursed

​In today’s digital age, it is indispensable to protect one's intellectual property to legally safeguard unique ideas, products and services from being copied or utilised without permission. IP Protection safeguards various assets including trademarks, designs,...

The Right to be Forgotten and Court Judgements

Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24th October 1995, also referred to as the Data Protection Directive (DPD), was the first of its kind to regulate personal data and the free movement of such data within the European Union. The main...

Rights of Cohabitants in 2021

Chapter 614 of the Laws of Malta - The Cohabitation Act in further detail Pre 2020 Chapter 571 of the Laws of Malta was enacted in 2017 and provided for various forms of cohabitation in which unmarried individuals living together would have their relationship...

Constitutional Court Slams Abusive Rent Law Amendment

Band club lease laws again found in breach of landlords’ fundamental rights to fair hearing and enjoyment of property In a recent decision delivered by the Constitutional Court concerning the lease of De Paule Band Club in Paola, Parliament was taken to task for...

Malta Rent Laws Continue to Violate Human Rights

More constitutional judgements finding rent laws in breach of landlord’s right to property A recent judgement delivered by the Civil Court in its constitutional jurisdiction has declared once again the Maltese rent laws as anti-constitutional. In particular articles...

Recent Amendment allows for Rent Increase

Controlled Residential Leases Reform Act, 2021 (Act XXIV of 2021) has resulted in a great influx of cases being presented before the Rent Regulation Board seeking an increase in rent. The aim of this newly introduced rent law is another attempt to provide a solution...