In a judgment in a case brought forward by IURIS Advocates, delivered by the Court of Magistrates (Gozo) as a Court of Criminal Judicature, the court found that a captain who was driving a speedboat providing boat trips to tourists around the island of Comino was negligent and had through such negligence involuntarily caused grievous bodily harm to one of its passengers and slight bodily harm to another.

The case occurred back in May 2017. The claimants were seated at the front of the power boat and were injured due to the strong impact of the boat on the water, which jolted them high up from their seats and landed them back with full force, causing one of the claimants to suffer serious injuries. The court held that the driver of the boat failed to exercise the standard of diligence which was reasonably expected of him in order to safeguard the well-being of the passengers on board the speedboat.

IURIS represented the claimants.  The case is subject to appeal.

Contributed by: Dr. Rita Mifsud – IURIS