Concerned about meeting the needs of companies, IURIS Business Solutions provides them with various tools including customer experience analysis better known as mystery shopping.

What is mystery shopping and how does it work?

Mystery Shopping is a technique used to objectively evaluate the quality of a company’s services or the professionalism of its staff by passing a “mystery consumer” through the company in question.

IURIS Business Solutions will find a person matching the profile of the client targeted by the company, will meet with them individually to brief them and send them a questionnaire, a list of questions that will enable them to carry out an effective simulation. This questionnaire will obviously be carried out in consultation with the company, according to its needs and expectations.

Role and qualities of the mystery consumer

The “mystery consumer” selected by IURIS Business Solutions will have to meet several criteria. Indeed, he must be trustworthy, attentive to detail and must have excellent communication and writing skills.

Once selected, this internal investigator goes to a company (shop, restaurant, pharmacy, store, hotel, etc.), poses as a typical customer and collects the information necessary to write his report. For example, he or she may assess the cleanliness of the premises, friendliness, staff availability, product knowledge or after-sales service. In addition, photographs may be used to support the report.

Advantages of Mystery Shopping

The benefits of using this service are many. First, it is possible to mention speed. Indeed, after his experience in the company, the “mystery consumer” will have to give his detailed report within a maximum of 24 hours.

Then, mystery shopping makes it possible to understand all the company’s services (commercial and technical service), to stop any unpleasant behaviour that could persist towards a customer, but also to measure the perception of the end customer experience. 

Indeed, following the audit of the “mystery customer”, the company will have the necessary information to establish its strengths but also its weaknesses. It will thus be able to analyse the skills gap and offer training adapted to its staff or check the effectiveness of or compliance with training recently provided to staff. It is also a means that enables an entity to optimise its services and streamline operations that may be too cumbersome within an operation.

Through this service, IURIS Business Solutions will help you to establish a qualitative assessment of the services offered by your company, with the ultimate objective of improving customer satisfaction, increase sales while also establishing your very own brand ambassadors.

For further information on consumer service analysis, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Diana Spiteri or any other member of IURIS.